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    The realizations of Eric in Angoulême, in Charente (16), south of France.
Eric is in a very active phase of tests. He has many ideas of achievements with reconstituted stone, in interior decoration and exterior architecture. He develops many types of molds that will allow him to move to the concrete realization of his projects. 

    Here some results of his tests:

A metal tube cut in the length is used to make elements of pilaster which will be stuck on a wall, in interior decoration:
    Prototype de moule pour pilastreélément de pilastre
    A prototype of mould for the realization of reconstituted stone pilaster (photographs and realization Eric L.)

    The same principle, with two half-tubes joined, allows to make small diameter columns :
    mini colonne en pierre reconstituée
    An element of small diameter column, out of reconstituted stone (photographs and realization Eric L.)

    To cast large diameter columns, Eric developed this first mould by using an "isorel" board. He has some ideas to improve it:
    moule de colonnemoule colonnemoule colonneElément de colonne en pierre reconstituée
    A prototype of mould for the cast of a large diameter column out of reconstituted stone (photographs and realization Eric L.)

How to cast decorative elements for facing and walling, having curve forms? Eric imagined for that a moulds with metal sheets, folded to obtain the desired forms:
    moule pierre de parement courbemoule pierre de parement courbeelement deco pierre reconstituéeplinthe pierre reconstituée
    A test prototype for the realization of cast stone decorative elements for a wall (photographs and realization Eric L.)

Eric also built the molds for pillar which plans are available on this site. He made with these molds this gate pillar and these copings for garden wall:
    pilier de portail en pierre reconstituée 
    A gate pillar and copings out of reconstituted stone (photographs and realization Eric L.)

    The technique of the wooden molds with mouldings does not have any more secrecy for Eric:
    Profiled columns and cyma with mouldings (photographs and realization Eric L.)

    How to make small cornices for columns…

    Eric uses thoroughly the possibilities of the wooden moulding, here, with assemblies of mouldings rods and beadings.
    (photographs and realization Eric L.)

    Balusters in genuine reconstituted limestone, instead of the conventional white concrete. Of course the finishing requires more effort, but it is much more beautiful…
    To cast these balusters, Eric uses special plastic moulds. Addresses are given on the site. (photographs and realization Eric L.)

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