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over the stone world...
For your inspiration, here is a broad selection of links over the world of the stone:
  • Paon de jourTo feed your dreams with beautiful stones and to stimulate your creativity.
  • To pick ideas of achievements for interior decoration or external landscaping for your house.
  • To find other moulding techniques, or moulds ready to use.
  • Or to find professionals, because you do not have time or motivation to make yourself your stones.
Incredible what we can do with a few imagination, some pieces of wood to make a mould and some fine crushed limestone!
These sites are classified from * to ***** according to their aptitude to stimulate imagination in the context which interests us, namely, the self-help cast of architectural and decorative elements out of reconstituted stone, by moulding. This classification is personal and inevitably subjective. It does not represent the quality of the sites and of their products.
  • The natural stone world and possibly cast stone...
Romanes.com                      ****** << The marvels of Romanesque art in France, not to be missed...
www.fontainecoralis.com                            ***
www.pierreseche.com                             *****
www.sculptures-bidal.com                       *****
www.bca-materiauxanciens.com                 ****
www.provenceretrouvee.com                      ****
Marbrier Camazzola                                    ***
www.materiaux-nobles.com                         ***
www.anciens-materiaux.fr                             **
www.xsurfaces.com                                      **
www.antiques-forain.com                            ***
www.classiccaststone.com                            **
venturacaststone.com                                    *
www.vieillespierresdumellois.fr               ****
www.advancedcaststone.com                        **
www.haddonstone.co.uk                            ****
www.coulmeau.fr                                       ***
www.pierre-bourgogne.fr                               **
guy-deco.be                                              ***
www.les-plus-beaux-villages-de-france.org    ****

  • The cast stone world and possibly natural stone...
  • Moulds manufacturers and moulding techniques...

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