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Reconstituted limestone...
   The realizations of Bernard, in Haute Saintonge (south of France, in Charente Maritime 17)
    Realization of corner stones out of reconstituted limestone, for the restoration of a sustaining interior wall, in an old house.

    - To overcome a lack of natural cut stones, now difficult to find at reasonable prices, red air bricks of type corner 20x27x50cm are covered with reconstituted limestone on 2 and 3 sides, using a wooden mould similar to that whose plan is available on the site.
    - The corners stones (quoins) thus obtained are integrated in an interior wall of field stones. - For more realism, some angles are broken. The bricks are filled of mortar, during assembly.
    - On these two photographs, only the upper stone, on the left, under the wooden lintel, is true, all the others are false.
    - The joints of the rough-stones and the cast stones are achieved by means of a natural non-hydraulic lime mortar with sand of the local quarries.

Reconstituted corner stones (photos and realization Bernard G.)

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