Limestone molding art
Do it Yourself
Limestone Moulding
A powerful technique
of restoration 
and self-building,
need for handymen
and craftsmen.


 Retrieving and enhancing one of the oldest skills of humanity, use the wooden and styrofoam mold technique, and a natural limestone aggregate, mixed with a dye and a common hydraulic binder, to cast a complex bloc of raw limestone. Then apply the ancestral finishing gestures of stoneworkers to give to your stone an aspect that perfectly meets the precepts of traditional local architecture.

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 The Cut Limestone Moulder's Manual
This ebook is a guide where you can find the recipe and the limestone mortar composition, the wooden mold technique, a set of wooden molds plans and a physical test method, to pour-in-place or to precast yourself french style architectural and decorative limestone blocks and slabs, for your house and your garden. 
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18/09/2010 :
Polystyrene cutting tools Plans in the Moulders Workshop...

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